Spreading Go across the world, one video at a time


~Be part of the team that makes this possible!~

“Michael, I just wanted to compliment you on your videos and streams. Not only are you a good player, you are also a kind and patient teacher. Too often I hear streamers and video makers make fun of beginners like me, but you are always so aware of the feelings of your viewers, and for that I thank you.”

“Won my first match tonight, thanks to what you are teaching here. Thanks!”

“You really are good at teaching and you put a lot of thought in your videos keep it up!”

“All of these videos are helping me get started! Im winning almost all of my high kyu 9×9 matches. Going to try and break into bigger boards soon. Still having problems with making strong shapes, as I lose track of complicated shape liberties. But I think this will just come with time. Thanks again for taking the time to help beginners into this seriously complicated game!”

“Just starting to learn go. Your videos are the best!”

“Thanks for that clear and really interesting videos, im french and not a native English speaker, but your explanations are so clear its a pleasure┬áto learn with you! Don’t stop! interesting subjects, efficient ones too. You answered loads of my questions.”